we were

20 years ago, Vítor Sevilhano created Laboratório da Formação (The Training Laboratory). In 2003 Escuela Europea de Coaching (EEC) was born in Madrid, extending its brand and approach to other geographies. The “lab” joined forces with the “school”, reaching Portugal in 2007, with the aim to become the best coaching school in the country.

Vítor Sevilhano created Laboratório da Formação


For the last ten years, that ambition took shape, and many are the projects that serve as witnesses to the success of the path we pursued.

At the end of a decade, we dared to look ten years forward and face a future that encloses a profound change in the coaching paradigm, way beyond its teaching or training.

A paradigm that makes sense to us because we always knew that we were more than a coaching school.

Despite our interest and the recognition of our capabilities in the field, since the beginning, it was evident to us that we would, went and will go beyond what is supposed. The Manifest that we launched in 2014 opened a new path of self-discovery that led us to search what we wanted to be, beyond what we do.

That document was a result of an intense reflection that, instead of definitive answers, gave us back questions that guided us to our real purpose. Today, still, we have more questions than answers. Today, yet, we have not found a category that encloses the definitive definition of what we are. It is a sign that there is a way ahead. That is good

we are

We are coaches that do not limit ourselves to the practice of coaching.
We are consultants that go beyond consultancy.
We are facilitators that do not do just presentations.
We work like a studio/atelier that designs learning experiences.

Birth of the Escuela Europea de Coaching in Madrid


We are a professional community, made into a multidisciplinary, multifaceted, innovative and bold team. The mix of our diversified experiences, diverse knowledge and wisdom makes our richness.

We are made of Clinical Psychology, Theatre, Social Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Law, Economy, Management, Philosophy, Communication, Marketing, Design and other disciplines that we use to create experiences and contexts that enable sustained and sustainable learning.

We are conversation specialists that aim to use a language both intelligible and straightforward.

We are fans of simplicity and, so, we avoid using the language of “doctors and engineers, often closed and complicated. We translate “psychologese,” “philosophese,” “legalese” and other strange languages into Portuguese, and other languages.
We are rigorous without being boring.
We are optimists, but we do not bedazzle.
We are all this, and we will be even more.

How we do
what we do

We are transformation agents. We build close and deep relationships with our clients. We generate the necessary conditions, always in partnership, to attain extraordinary results and to elevate the quality of human relations.

We find ways to improve people’s lives.

Conversation, the way of interacting with one another is, at the same time, the basis and the ultimate result of our work.

We dedicate ourselves to look beyond skills, helping in the development of human qualities. Our purpose is not just to please our clients. We do not know in advance the best solution, but we design it through collaboration.

Escola Europeia de Coaching arrives in Portugal


Why we do
what we do

We want to inspire people to design the best version of themselves. We wish to accompany teams and organizations in the discovery and concretization of new ways and meanings. We deconstruct complex realities to make them simple without being simplistic.

We believe that work needs to reinvent itself and that we exist as contributors to that transformation.

We question everything and love a good conversation, an essential part of evolution and learning. We know that listening is the best way to make us think. We give time its time because we value it, today, more than never. We do what we know and believe that we exist to recover some principles like these to our client’s reality.

E2C Manifesto Launch




It is essential to discover the right time to learn. In all our interventions, time is a preponderant factor. We need time to make a difference. We do not believe in immediatism.


Curiosity was what gave us life (not like the poor cat). It is the motor of creativity, of innovation, of learning. It is what makes us grow, what makes us explore, discover and adventure. It is that restlessness that puts us in the right place, ready to roam into the unknown.


Proximity/Intimacy, Sincerity and Ethics/Respect towards ourselves, towards others and the context, are fundamental elements of evolution and elevation.


If one does not like and feel the advantages, new learning is not incorporated. Do not confuse with entertainment that has a limited reach and impact.

What people say about us

It’s a place for learning and sharing, where I found very committed professionals. There I gained a deeper knowledge about myself and learned tools that I know that will help me grow as a person.

Ana Ribeiro SoaresBusiness School Manager, Grupo Jerónimo Martins

It was a pleasure to be trained by EEC (Escola Europeia de Coaching). Their methodologies are innovative, combining theoretical classes with a great practical experience.

Paula VieiraHuman Resources Director, BBVA Portugal

I believe that this Program is a truly transformational experience, as it was for me! I recommended EEC to some people already, which is something that, for me, is hard to do.

Célia SantosHuman Resources Director, AbbVie

It was the most important and impactful training I did in years and many times I get myself thinking about the best way to act.

Filipa FrançaConsultant, Korn Ferry

Some of our clients