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about each of us

João Sevilhano

Strategy & Innovation

He discovered his passion and curiosity for words, early on in his life, having dedicated some time of his childhood reading the Luso-Brazilian Encyclopedia. For 15 years he was a semi-professional athlete. He graduated in Applied Psychology and, since then, maintains a private practice (keeping close attention to psychoanalysis). For one and a half years he lived in the people department of a big Portuguese company. Afterward, he changed so that he could focus on creating learning experiences at EEC (Escola Europeia de Coaching) as Pedagogical Director and, later, Managing Partner. He is a partner of WB with the responsibility of Strategy and Innovation areas.



Ângela Marçal

Culture & Business

She’s crazy for a good conversation, even better if it happens around a table! She prefers to listen than to talk; likes best to imagine rather than to draw; fancies white over yellow. When she was little she wanted to be a social worker and a mayor of the city, but none of those happened. She came from the province of Beira Baixa and then moved to Lisbon to study Management and Marketing. She was a sales director, human resources director, consultant, teams leader and also the managing partner for some human resources consulting companies. At EEC (Escola Europeia de Coaching) she was responsible for business development where she found a different way of talking, through coaching. She’s a partner of WB, responsible for the areas of Culture and Business.


Inês Serôdio

Inês Serôdio

School & Communication

She wanted to ‘be’ a nurse, a ballerina, an architect, a psychologist, a cook. Driven by her curiosity and versatility she tried different areas of work, all of them keeping in mind the well-being of other people. She studied Architecture, graduated in Management and did a Masters in Human Resources Management. She worked as a human resources consultant for three and a half years, in Training, Recruitment and Employer Branding projects, and also worked as a cook for one year, in different restaurants in Lisbon. Afterwards she focused on customer experience, communication and project management at EEC (Escola Europeia de Coaching). Besides having new areas of studies in coaching, nutrition and yoga, she’s responsible for the Coaching School and Communication at WB.


Teresa Cumbre

Teresa Cumbre

Customer & Projects

She has the soul of a dancer, a painter's vein and a passion for people. She was born in Lisbon and is very proud of her city, country, culture and history. She graduated in Management and has worked different consulting and training projects of Communication and Team Building. Her first contact with Coaching happened at EEC (Escola Europeia de Coaching) where she became a coach and was the face (and people in charge) for all students and alumni. At WB, besides working as a coach, she’s responsible for the areas related to Customer and Projects.


Sónia Morgado

Customer & Business

She loves making people laugh and soon realized that joy is a serious business.
She compares life to a test tube and, for that reason, she never worried about what she was going to do when she grew up. She doesn’t have the patience or the skill for craft work, prefers thinking, chatting and dancing.
She started her studies in Hotel Management but changed her path towards Psychology. I her early adulthood she experimented many different areas, working as a social worker for population at risk, as a dance teacher, in TV production, until she finally started working in HR consulting. She finally realized her great passion and respect for other people’s emotions and feelings, as well as a great curiosity for understanding what drives them.
In her experience in the HR field, she worked as a manager for two multinational companies, where she managed teams and developed strategic solutions, as an advisor and facilitator, in areas such as organisational culture, leadership, communication and people development.
At WB she’s responsible for the areas of Customer & Business.


Joana Marques

Pedagogy & Innovation

Her biggest motivation is in relating to people and that’s where lives the greatest individual development, so she believes. If the sun is out, there’s Joana, ready for a good conversation. Actually, same when it’s raining. Over the years, she has sought to work with people she likes, whose values resonate with hers, and people she can learn from and develop interesting projects.
As a Master in Education Science, she’s been working in the area since 2007 as Invited Assistant Professor, Researcher and working for two Portuguese public universities, as a teacher and as a teachers trainer. Simultaneously, she’s been working in planning, developing and evaluating training courses/programs in areas like team building, motivation, communication, leadership and management.
She believes that transferable skills development is one of the keys to live more and better, hence, helping others in their individual development has been her focus on her most recent years.
She’s an actress, singer, writer and dreams of writing a poetry (or prose) book one day.
She’s inspired by the courageous people that throw themselves into the deep end.
At WB she’s dedicated to Pedagogy and Innovation.


Ana Isabel Pardal

Ana Pardal

Business Support

She has lived in a mix of dreams between music, acting and animals since ever. And she accomplished all of them! She also worked at different multinational companies, in business support tasks. Then she felt the need to change, put away the suit and grow up. She took the chance to work at WB as the responsible for Business Support, aspiring to be better each day.


Vitor Sevilhano

Vítor Sevilhano

Chairman & Mentor

The sea is his key element. He was born in Lisbon and lived in 3 different ‘M’ neighbourhoods: Mouraria, where he was born; Marvila where he lived his youth; Madragoa where he lived after getting married). Then, more than 30 years ago, he moved to Sesimbra. He’s a good listener, good talker, likes to tell his story, usually adding a hint of humor to it. He believes that good stories give the greater lessons. Working in consulting and training projects, he evolved from sciences and finance, to companies politics and strategy, ending at the development of leaders and high-performance teams. He also believes that his past experiences are an asset that enables a realist approach to behavioral issues. He has extensive experience in designing and conducting strategic thinking sessions and has done more than 2000 hours of coaching sessions. He’s also a guest lecturer at Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Porto Business School and he’s a managing-partner at WB, where he also works as a Mentor.