Believing for more than 10 years that training people is about preparing them to be better people.

At our School, we take advantage of decades of experience and we leverage the curiosity that takes us to investigate and test the rigour and sustainability of our ideas and practices.
We go way beyond training. To learn is not just to accumulate information. It’s about putting into practice what we think we know, not because it’s right or wrong, but to understand if we can be wiser.

We see beyond skills to help the development of qualities. Doing and appearances are not enough. To truly learn we have to become someone different; we have to be. That’s the path to sustained and sustainable learning.

The programs we create are the combination of challenges that we set for ourselves or that clients set for us. All of them are about subjects that we’re in love with and we deeply enjoy passing that passion to others.

Training Courses

– Way Beyond Coaching Class
– Way to Speak in Public
– Way to Speak Online (Soon)
– Way to Lead: The Art of Facilitation (Soon)